Steam Traps
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Steam Traps


    • VA Bonham, TX
    • VA Sheridan, WY
    • VA Tucson, AZ
    • VA Tampa Bay, FL
    • VA West Haven, CT
    • VA Newington, CT


  • Steam Trap Survey and Inspection Services
  • Steam Trap Replacement
  • Energy Savings and Energy Management Solutions

Goals for steam trap survey/inspection/replacement are as follows:

  • Restore any lost function by failed traps
  • Reduce energy loss due to high temperature condensate return that must be purged from the system due to traps failed open
  • Damage to components of the system by carbonic acid when traps fail in the closed position causing subcooling in the steam line


Our very extensive survey and inspection will identify all of these issues and compile a comprehensive report which can then be used on a collaborative basis between Valcorp and the customer to determine the traps that NEED to be replaced, and only replace those traps. A major part of the disconnect with these projects is the “educated guess” by the customers as to the number of traps that need to be replaced. There is no effective way of knowing which traps need to be replaced without a good inspection. This drives up your cost of these projects as the traps to be replaced is based on a somewhat arbitrary number and reduces potential ROI.

Valcorp Enterprises incorporates a two phased approach to these projects:


First Phase:

A complete survey and inspection. This is a fixed cost but will identify the actual issues that exist. Then with our full report and collaboration, our customers can make an educated decision (and an accurate budget) of the work that needs to be done. We rank the critical nature of the replacement, by trap, on a 1-5. Depending on budgeting, you may only want to address the critical traps, but this can all be done based on the number, the ROI of each trap replacement.


Second Phase:

Change out the traps that are critical and we will get you the ROI based on whatever budget constraints may exist. We would like to assist in this area as well as a CO/MOD to the survey and inspection contract when you deem appropriate.


Our belief is that if you were to perform these two phases (the first being a fixed price and the second a variable, but based on actual information), you will maximize your ROI.


Average Energy Loss Per Failed Trap on an Annual Basis:

  • 100psi Float/Thermostatic Trap .125” orifice
  • Steam loss through a failed trap 43.4#/Hr
  • 60% loss estimate
  • Cost calculated at $/1,000lbs of steam
  • $10/1,000#


Please contact us for a pricing sheet which will allow you to budget for the two phases of you steam system solution.